Colored Concrete


What is Colored Concrete?

Colored concrete is simply taking the grey concrete we are all so familiar with and turning it into something magnificent for all to enjoy.

Benefits of Colored Concrete

  • Update the look of your home or business – add thousands to the value of your home by bringing life into your rooms
  • Repair cracked or damaged areas – over time, the elements take their toll on our buildings and materials requiring occasional tune-ups. Using colored concrete when repairing your space is a quick and effective way to update your home while also repairing it.
  • Create a beautiful setting for people to enjoy your home or business – creating a relaxing, and visually appealing place everyone wants to take part in using.
  • Adds a textured look without requiring the expensive natural paving resources – not only does it reduce the cost of updating your place, but it also reduces the amount of repair and upkeep needed to maintain that new look.
  • Easy upkeep – concrete is slip free, won’t chip the furniture placed on it, doesn’t stain when food or drink is accidentally spilled on it, replicates exotic materials, remains level to ensure the efficacy of your updates.

Methods for Colored Concrete

  • Dyes are more commonly used in interior jobs, using inks dissolved in alcohol or other solvents to create the desired colors and hue. While not used exclusively for interior work, they are better suited there since less fading will occur.
  • Acid staining chemically alters the color of the concrete, accentuating the imperfections of the materials resembling the highly sought-after polished natural stones typically used in paving with vibrant colors, variegations, and veins.

Concrete Experts

Rose and Son, Inc. has been serving communities of the southeast with pride for almost 30 years. Their commitment not only to the job but to their clients ensures the highest quality of care and performance.

Rose and Son, Inc. makes it possible for you to have the aesthetic value you want without having to worry about loose, uneven stones or tiles for only a fraction of the cost.


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