Driveway Pavers

Driveway Pavers Atlanta

Driveway pavers are of two types - Mortarless and Mortared paver blocks. Mortared paver blocks have to be sealed with mortar filled between them. This means that such blocks have a non-flexible and hardened surface. These pavers crack easily and are more difficult to replace.

Mortarless pavers have definite advantages over mortared pavers. Here, a special sand mixture is laid down and on this base, the paver blocks are placed. This sand base ensures flexibility while still maintaining the solidness.

Why should you choose our Rose and Son?

We offer durable, high-quality mortarless paving solutions for driveways that will last for years.

With our paver blocks, you will find a world of possibilities for your driveway. We have paver blocks in many shapes, colors, and sizes. There’s one to suit every kind of lifestyle. We even have classic patterns that will remind you of cobblestone streets and other textures that will remind you of the paved roads of ancient Rome.

Choosing a paver block for your driveway

Paver blocks come in many surface finishes ranging from textured to smooth. When choosing a paver block for your driveway, select a hue that will complement the environment of your home. Typically, the paver stones should have a shade or two lighter than the house color. If you have a brick house, consider a gray-toned paver block. For stone or wood houses, consider brick colored paver blocks. If you don’t want it to be monotonous, consider mixing paver blocks of different colors.

You can also try out the Aura block look or the Beta block look. If you are feeling a little adventurous, try the stretcher bond look, the coursed look, the 90-degree herringbone, or the 45-degree herringbone look. Alternatively, you can also consider a basket weave style for your driveway.

Advantages of paver blocks

Paver blocks have many advantages over concrete, dirt, and asphalt driveways. With the passage of time, normal concrete will become stained and ugly. Paver blocks are durable, come in beautiful designs, and you don’t have have to maintain them. Well-chosen paver blocks can create landscaping opportunities and increases the value of your home significantly.

Pavers can give optimum performance for over thirty years compared to other material. With paver blocks, the chances of damage from ice are virtually zero. This is because the joints in paver blocks allow them to expand and contract without cracking in freeze/thaw cycles.

Paver blocks are easy to install and remove. They are also stronger than stamped or ordinary concrete. There’s nothing like a driveway that is laid down with well-crafted and elegant paver blocks.