Patio Pavers

Patio Pavers Atlanta

Pavers are popular on account of their strength, durability, and affordability. When it comes to patio pavers, there are a number of paving options. They come in many shapes, patterns, designs, and sizes. Combine this with the attractive finishes and slip resistance and you have the most versatile paving materials available.

The advantages of using patio pavers from Rose and Son

There are many advantages to using these pavers. Aside from than the legendary strength and durability (some of the paver blocks the Romans laid down are still going strong!), they have other advantages such as individual units that can be replaced anytime. Due to this property, repairs become easy and affordable.

If you want to perform utility repair under the paver blocks, you can do even that quite easily. You just have to remove the pavers. After the work is complete, replace them after filling base material into the trench and compacting it. Pavers are some of the most common materials laid down on patios.

Patio pavers can create engaging and entertaining areas that range from informal and intimate areas to formal terraces. Paver steps can also be laid down to transit from one area to another.

What we offer

We provide easy-to-install patio pavers in a range of surface finishes - smooth and textured. Once a special sand bed has been prepared, uniform units can be laid down in beautiful interlocking designs. Since they are mortarless and of a high density, they are crack-resistant and will resist damage from cold as well. The sand bed also provides the flexibility to expand and contract during seasonal changes, without damage.

With our interlocking pavers, you get unlimited design possibilities. You can choose between different colors as well. There are unlimited possibilities here and countless designs to choose from. Some of the common designs are the herringbone, basket weave, stack bond and running pattern, circular design, or a random design. Some other unconventional but equally effective designs are concrete stain and faux flagstone.

Textures and designs

Well-prepared paver blocks can last for years when the base has been properly prepared and you don’t perform excesses on the paver blocks. There are a number of textures that can fit on patios. Some of them are tumbled (weathered), non tumbled (smooth), embossed (surface contains dimples), slate (slate look), embossed and tumbled, etc.

When choosing pavers, consider the shape and size of the area that you want to cover. Avoid using small pavers in large areas. If you have a pool near your patio, don’t use slippery or slick pavers. The other things to consider in pavers is how easily it can replace or remove stain and clean them.

The most common colors are cream/brown, limestone, sandstone, grey/charcoal, etc. You can add effects such as border accenting, paver borders, pattern insets, and others to have a well-designed patio inlaid with pavers.