Rock Salt Finish


What is Rock Salt Finish Concrete?

This technique of treating concrete is a traditional and easy method for adding a subtle texture and to make the surface more skid resistant. It is considered a step above smooth or broom-finished concrete. The Rock Salt Finish leaves a speckled pattern of shallow indentations on the concrete surface, similar in appearance to a slightly pitted, weathered rock.

The pattern of Rock Salt Finished Concrete is not elaborate but has a distinctive look not achievable by any other method. Requiring few additional tools or materials to fabricate, the cost of decorating concrete is reduced to those on a budget.


How is Rock Salt Finished Concrete created?

A Rock Salt Finish look is traditionally achieved with the same coarse rock salt sold for use in water softeners or melting ice in winter. These rock salt particles are spread over wet concrete and then the grains are then pressed into the surface with a float or roller. After the concrete sets, the rock salt is power washed away, revealing a speckled pattern of shallow indentations left by the dislodged salt particles.

Salt finishes are more commonplace in the warmer western and southern regions of the country thus making it ideal in Georgia. The reason: In areas subject to freezing weather, water tends to collect in the indentations and freeze, potentially causing spalling. But if you like the look and use good-quality concrete protected by a waterproofing sealer, a salt finish should be durable enough to endure any climate.

For homeowners on a budget who want something more interesting than plain or broom-finished concrete, upgrading to a basic salt finish will incur only a minimal additional cost. The cost will be naturally higher if the concrete is integrally colored or the project incorporates other decorative finishes.

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