Sponge Finished


What is Sponge Finished Concrete?

This concrete finishing technique is a simple and basic non-skid finish to concrete paved areas created on the surface with a sponge. Similar to the Broom Finished technique, as the concrete achieves a certain hardness, water is then applied to the surface with a hose, and the sponge is used to work away some of the cream, to get the desired effect. This method requires a lot of work on the hands and knees, so it is expensive and time-consuming for large areas. The technique is used most effectively on small decorative areas such as pool copings, and accents or inlays within a concrete pad.


What are the benefits of Sponge Finished Concrete?

Sponge Finished Concrete creates a texture and a look that’s very appealing. Added together with coloring of your concrete, this combination will be certain to transform your home or business into a work of art! Apart from the improved aesthetics, Sponge Finished Concrete provides more traction to concrete, making it ideal for heavy foot-traffic areas, particularly for areas with kids such as the pool.


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